[STARCAST] “It is unfamiliar, right? This is us”…SuperJunior-M, Super waiting room

-Now, preparing for the performance has officially begun. ‘SuperJunior handsome man’ Donghae is checking his style thoroughly by looking at the mirror. He checks the hair and outfit in detail. This is the dignity of a singer in 9th year.

-“I am the one who is the visual in SuperJunior”

-“A male god even by just wearing the shirt”

-“All he did was to raise the collars…”

-“His sideline is also statue-like handsome man”

-He also cares for Henry in detail. Nice Donghae even closes the buttons himself. Henry who is having tough time and Donghae’s relaxed face, it is completely opposite. But the pose is decalcomania.

-“You are no doubt the best”

-“Twins pose”

“Even the hand gesture is similar”


cr: snowdrop

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shinee's choreography points

cr:Diamond_HyukJae李赫宰个站 | photo by:小B 


having a crush is painful and horrible but not having a crush is just so boring



Kim Family

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Sungmin looking at a baby ;_;


Scenes from “Rumor" - Donghae


Ivy and Bianca visited SS4 Taiwan ^_^
An this is how Ivy and Donghae greet each other. CHILDREN!